Telehealth Psychology

Andrea Schwede

Clinical Psychologist

Welcome! I’m Andrea, an Australian trained and registered Clinical Psychologist. I provide psychological therapy online or by phone to people aged 18 years and over throughout Australia.

For the past 20 years I have applied psychology to help people guide their mind to better places. Helping them live more enriched lives.

Often people struggle with how they are feeling and seek psychology because they want to “feel normal”. Feelings such as stress, burnout, sadness, loneliness, guilt, worry, anger, or fear can impact our lives. This may lead to other symptoms such as poor motivation and energy, as well as changes to our sleep and eating. When the feelings and symptoms impact our work, study, relationships or day-to-day tasks, they can become mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, bereavement or grief, psychosis, and trauma.

The source of these problems or feelings might be quite broad in nature, linked to such things as:

  • How people treat us.
  • How we think about ourselves.
  • Concerns about loved ones.
  • Limits we place on ourselves.
  • A fear we have.
  • The way we act in some places.
  • Something we avoid.
  • When something bad happens.
  • Worries linked to world events.

Or, the problem could have a quite narrow and defined focus such as:

  • An issue at work.
  • Habits you want to change.
  • Not coping with study at uni.
  • Dealing with life changes.
  • Learning how to adjust to life as a new parent.
  • Not getting along with your partner or family.
  • The loss of a loved one.

Our own thoughts play a big part in this as well. One of the aims of therapy is to 'catch' your thoughts about a problem and discuss more balanced and helpful ways to think. This can help ease the feelings and improve the way you approach life.

Throughout this website you can learn more about me and the range of concerns and problems I treat.

You can find details about my fees here and, make a booking when the time seems right for you.

You will also find a FAQ page with answers to topics people often ask about. On this page I give an outline of how the psychology process works from start to finish.

There is a Referrals tab for doctors with details on how to send a referral to me.

Lastly, I have listed Emergency Contacts, if you need urgent care.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the website or have a question, you can always Contact Me.

Self-care is the key, look after yourself. If you think you might need support, take the first step and seek help. When it comes to mental health it's better to act sooner rather than later. But never think it's too late!

Some things can be hard to talk about. There is no need to be nervous or afraid to ask for help. It's healthy to talk about what's on your mind. Psychologists are trained and ready to help when you need it, and with Telehealth, you can now get support where you need it!

Thank you for visiting my website, I look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm regards,


Last updated: Feb 20, 2023