Psychology Fees

Telehealth Psychology sessions (online or telephone) are $250.00 (AUD) per session.

The consultation fee is payable by credit or debit card, in full, at the time of the session.

Each session is approximately 50 minutes in duration.

Appointment types available

• Full Fee paying appointments

• Medicare Rebate appointments (for eligible people)

What are the differences between appointment types?

A Full Fee Paying Appointment means a person pays for the full cost of the session themselves, without receiving any rebate.

People choose this type of appointment for many reasons, including:

  • a Psychology session can be booked directly, without needing any GP involvement, referral or creation of a Mental Health Treatment Plan
  • there are no limitations on the number of Psychology sessions a person may attend in any year
  • a person may not want to have a Mental Health Treatment Plan listed on their medical record, Medicare or eHealth record
  • a person may not be eligible for, or chooses not to utilise, Medicare rebates

A Medicare Rebate Psychology Appointment is an appointment where the cost of the session is partially reimbursed by Medicare.

To be eligible for a medicare rebate psychology appointment a person must:

  1. Obtain a valid referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan from a GP or Psychiatrist.
  2. Submit the Referral & Mental Health Treatment Plan to the Psychologist (or have the Doctor submit it for you) before participating in the first session.
  3. Ensure their banking details are registered and up-to-date with Medicare (tel: 132 150)

• The full cost of the session must be paid at the time of the appointment.

• If a person is eligible, Medicare will process a rebate into their bank account after the session has concluded.

• Different rebate amounts apply under different circumstances.

• The Medicare rebate amount for seeing a Clinical Psychologist is $131.65 for a 50 minute session*.

• Limitations, conditions and eligibility criteria also apply to the number of Medicare rebate sessions available to a person per calendar year. The referring GP will be able to discuss this when assessing eligibility.

For the latest information regarding mental health and Medicare it is recommended that anyone interested refer to the official website.

Please note that having, or submitting, a referral does not automatically grant a person any right of access to a Psychologist.

*accurate at time of publication. Please make your own enquiries

Private Health Insurance

If a Full Fee paying client has Private Health Insurance they may wish to enquire with their provider regarding:

• If their policy has any inclusions or rebates for Telehealth Psychology services.

• if so - are there any limitations or exclusions.

A client will receive an invoice for each session, however claiming any eligible compensable funding is a matter between the person and their Private Health Insurance provider.

Supervision Fees (For Clinicians)

$220 (AUD) + GST per 50 minute online supervision consultation (Professional, Peer or Endorsement).

Payment is required upfront via credit or debit card.

Cancellation Policy

• Less than 48 hours notice incurs a cancellation fee of 50% of the session fee - $125.00 (AUD).

• Less than 24 hours notice or non-attendance incurs the full cost of the appointment - $250.00 (AUD).

• Medicare rebates do not apply for cancellations.

To cancel an appointment:

  • email: appointments@andreaschwede.health
  • include the date and time of the appointment to be cancelled

To reschedule an appointment:

  1. first cancel the appointment by email
  2. then, visit the website to book a new appointment

Please be mindful when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment to provide as much notice as possible. This allows people who need support, to access the services of a Clinical Psychologist.

Last updated: Jul 25, 2022